Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Goofy Golf 2009

The second annual Goofy Golf Tournament was conducted on the afternoon of October 4th, the last day before the commencement of overseeding. Sixty-two players competed in the event which featured a different “challenge” on each hole. Players had to contend with such “challenges” as hitting a tee shot from a stool, playing with clubs of the opposite hand, and two-by-fours set strategically around the hole.

The format was a nine-hole, four-person scramble with all players hitting from the Plum tees. This year the weather conditions, with winds gusting to 30 mph, played a part in the outcome.

The results:

1st – John & Jan Murphy and Bill & Sue Hart (29)
2nd – Bruce & Fran Fowler and Russ & Jan Stocek (32)
3rd – Clyde & Cookie Smith and George & Terry Fondurulia (33)

Slide show here.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A final Ace before overseeding

We had one final hole-in-one before we closed for overseeding on October 5.

Carol Simmons
Sept. 30 - Buttes #3; 132-yards 7-wood