Saturday, November 29, 2008

This Week at Robson Ranch Golf Club

Here’s what’s happening Nov 30 – Dec 6

This coming week at Robson Ranch Golf Club should be busy and should be fun. As usual we have lots of golf on a course that is always groomed to the highest tournament specifications. The sun should shine and the course is green so come out and test your skills.

But, it’s not only golf we have this week, there are also a couple of special events on the schedule. On Monday, December 1, Magique Golf makes a return visit for a Demo Day. This event is open to the public. Jason will be the representative from the company. He should be on the Driving Range from about 8:00 AM until ??? He will personally fit you for any club (or clubs) you wish to purchase. You can test all the clubs you so desire to find just the right one to improve your game. If you have never been properly fitted for golf clubs, this will make a dramatic difference in your game.

If you’re not familiar with Magique, check out their website. My personal opinion: When you consider purchasing a new club or clubs, the company you choose should offer quality equipment and caring customer service. Magique provides both. You cannot go wrong with this company.

Robson Ranch Homeowners don’t forget the annual Christmas sale on Tuesday, December 2 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. There will be the usual “seasonal discounts” on both hard goods and soft goods to jump-start your Christmas shopping. A little teaser...we now have the (in)famous "Bubba Mugs" for sale. Not sure what they are? Come by to see "Bubba." Come one, come all and enjoy the drollery. And it just so happens we coordinated the time and date precisely with the weekly social experience.

Hope to see y'all at both events.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


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